Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Summer   July 8, 2010 at 6:05pm

A little insight to the Final Event - Thanks Joe


Thanks for the questions. I don’t have all the answers yet as they will come from the collective efforts of the League Admin that make each individual leagues happen each week and the players; some who just voice their ideas and a few others that will actually lend a hand to make it happen - Both help but the later are the ones that make these things a reality.

The goal is to make this something we all will view as worth doing (playing and contributing too). Combine that with the reality that no matter how much effort some put in and how much stuff could be made or donated there are still a lot of stuff that would need to be paid for and were does that money come from? Again there are several ideas coming from the group. We actually have a League Coordinators group to have these types of discussions and as soon as any info is ready it is then spread out for players to comment on.

Ok here are some answers to your questions. I have inserted a few answers to your questions to help for now:

“Hey Foz I was just curious about the point series and wondering what accumulating points will get you or if it is just some sort of bragging right. “

Yup! The most obvious and IMHO prestigious results will be the crowning of the Michigan Disc Golf League Champion. I used to joke a bit about this and have gone back and forth in my mind what this really means. When we started we had 7-10 leagues and hoping more would join and help define the potential of having many leagues cooperating together. I guess we were not far off on the potential and others saw it as well. Now we have 36 leagues spread throughout the great disc golf state of Michigan, 640 players and growing. I watch the MiCPS leaderboard to see who had a good week, who jumped into the top ten and of course how am I doing. I could expound on this topic for hours, on what I have learned and how my opinion has changed from time to time as I watch the leaderboard update after each league round is posted or a week comes to and end. It’s cool just to be on the list but to be near the top, for 600 + players to see your name, and friends all over the state to send a quick message related to that weeks events – good or bad is just amazing. And I can now say without a doubt that when I look at the players at the top of the leaderboard I would be speechless and extremely proud to find myself in that top position.

So Yes Crowning the Michigan Disc Golf League Champion is one obvious and now one extremely worth wild title but what else?

“I read all of the literature and from what I can tell there will be a league state champ crowned, but are there any goodies to win by getting the most points? “

Goodies – were back to money and time. Several people have brought up sponsorship and we would love to do this. The potential now for a company to be seen throughout the whole state – not just to 600+ players but well over 2-3 thousand or more, with rounds played every day of the week for 27 weeks is a potential that some companies will begin to see a significant advantage. And if they are willing to help us grow we are surely willing to help them and both grow together as this gets bigger and bigger and better and better. Leagues definitely have the potential to be many times bigger than Tournaments and reach a much larger and diverse group. We hope to offer MiCPS shirts soon – raising $2 for the players defined league and $2 for the MiCPS final event per shirt and offer some pretty cool shirts. Discs are another fund raising option and both show the power of the cooperation of the leagues. Individual leagues have inherent trouble with ordering any stuff – minimal orders, up front cash, and will they all sell… With the buying power of the group and a grass roots distribution system we can get some stuff and no league has to risk any up front money ect. If that works than combined with the Final event entry fee we can do some cool stuff and have player packs and some goodies to help recognize the achievements of so many over this summer session.

Who played the most rounds?
Who played the most individual leagues around the state?
Who got the most points in one league round?
Who attended the most HLW?
Who …
Well you get the idea and Pete can have the DGS engine slicing and dice’n numbers every which way and we hope to be able to recognize many of these accomplishments somehow. Let’s see what donations, sponsorship and how much funds we can raise and then pair that with the creativity that this group represents to see what can be done for this first MiCPS Final Event.

“Also is it possible to only play one participating league round all summer, compete in and win the tournament and be crowned the state league champ?”

Oh finally an easy one – NO!
Although all the details of the final event are not clear or defined yet, these points are:
1) You have to have played at least one participating league round to be eligible to play in the Final Event.
2) The Champion will be the player with the highest point count after the last round is complete. The last round being a round played at the final event.

The Final Event may have a point multiplier, similar to the Highlighted League of the Week (HLW) but if you have not been playing all session the point’s multiplier will not be enough to catapult you to the top position but means a few more players will have a shot at being the Michigan Disc Golf League Champion for Summer 2010.

Well as June is past we no longer will add new leagues to the MiCPS. Hopefully soon we will provide more details of what can be expected at the Final Event so that we can have a preregistration that will close about a month ahead of time so we can determine if we have 200 players, 400 or more and then how many courses and other facilities we need to make this possible. This planning is tough with so many great ideas, players in all different areas of the state. But I am very impressed with the number of people who are willing to discuss ideas and work through the problems and lend a hand – It’s one of the great things about the people that this sport attracts.

What I can share is that we are discussing possible formats that would allow large group of players to play at the same time, to be as fair as possible and contain many of the same attributes of a typical league outing – just with a whole lot more players. This combined with some extra fun both in the competitive sense and the social – two key attributes of DG leagues. Scott White is great in organizing and managing such events and has many great ideas. The final 9 was his idea for the Ann Arbor Cooperative point Series Final Event and it was amazing. Final 9 for the top players with some $$$ for the skins and a great gallery opportunity to see some great disc golf played. We want to have the ability for people to camp, stay close and cheap, if they have to travel and desire to stay close to nature. Of course you need to have an awards ceremony. Yes most of us are used to sitting in the pavilion or a picnic table or at the trunk of the league coordinators car but, we’d like to make this a bit more memorable. A couple bands to keep the festive spirit pumping, maybe a flymart to help both vendors and players connect and prepare for future rounds. Wow so many things, so little time and money – I guess I better get back to reading more of the suggestions and comments to see what everyone wants and who and how together we are going to make this thing a reality.

More soon