"4-SKINZ"   June 9, 2010 at 10:21pm

4-Skins Tuesday Nite League 6/8

Another fun night of skins, this week we had 5 players at Flatrock. Jim got the first skin on hole #6 for a quick $6, holes 7-12 the skins were spread around between 3 people, Sean C. snatched hole 13 for $2. Then after we pushed holes 14-17 we started trying to figure out what we would do when we pushed on 18. However, somebody deuced 18 for a big $12.50. Damn lefty holes..... (it was a nice putt under pressure)

Skins format really is a good chance for anyone to win a little $$, come on up to Tully next Tuesday and give a try. See you there.