The Real Disc Golf League of the OC   May 18, 2012 at 7:44am

The Party Has Started!!!

With a slow start to registration, we picked up steam as we went along and we ended up with 27 total players! While we were excited to see so many eager chuckers, we hope to see an even bigger turnout in the weeks to come. With more players come bigger and better prizes, and I know we all like the sound of that! We had a bit of wind tonight to make things a little more interesting, but the weather was still very good and the course was in nice shape for a Thursday night round of disc golf.

In the Open division, we saw reigning champ Matt Horsman continue where he left off last year with a dominating -10. Hopefully we can provide him with more competition from the rest of the division in the weeks to come.

With every player in the Semi-pro division outscoring 75% of the Open division (ugh), they showed some great scores all around. The hot round went to Dustin Skorupinski who posted a -10 to lead the division and take an early points lead over his counterparts. There was some serious competition for the top spot though, as Dave Scalf and Tim Heinzelmann were right on his heels at -9. In the upcoming weeks, we might have to remove the "semi" from this division's moniker!

In the Advanced division, we saw a wide range of scores. Dan Bertzyk led the way scoring -4, while Kory Banaszynski and Josh Koch were close behind with -3. As this is the most populated division in the league, we are sure to see a ton of exciting competition going forward.

There was no competition for our Womens and Juniors divisions, for they were dominated by the people they see in the mirror each day! Hopefully we can scare up more competitors for these spots in the future.

Congratulations to Mike Klug for hitting an ace on hole 18 and cleaning out the ace pool before the money had cooled from being in our wallets! We had a good time with the CTP and putting competitions to close out what we hope was a fun night of disc golf for everyone (even though the guy stepping off the CTP seemed to have not been able to pass a simple field sobriety test. Good job, Scott!)

The scores have all been posted, and we are still in the process of calculating the payouts and should have them posted very soon. We hope to see everyone next week, along with some new faces. Have a great week everyone!

-Scott and Gary