Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Summer   April 8, 2010 at 3:11am

Well 17 leagues and growing.... Michigan Point Series

Yes the MI Point Series is under way. Started Sunday as of this post there are 7 league that have already posted – 2 Sunday, 2 Monday and 3 from Tuesday. With those 7 league the unique player list is at 95 with 10 more leagues yet to post their first rounds and the numbers will just grow and grow over the summer as both more league join in and more players play leagues.

A few of the league start their session Mid April so you’ll see those on the leader board then – check league pages for actual times as the daylight changes and some league move from course to course like 24 Chains which is a great way to learn a new course and when they crash another league – watch out – more players, more $$, more fun.

Remember the key of the point series is to increase the fun; get out and play new courses, leagues with different formats, rules, side games and meet new players.

The 2010 Summer Point Series will take your best two rounds during a week (Sunday – Saturday) and add the points into the point series leader board. Note this is automatic and dynamic so the data will update during the week as each league posts their league data and if any changes are made the leader board will updated automatically.

The limitation of best two rounds is to try an achieve a balance between those who can play many rounds and those who can not – get as many people out playing as possible and having as much fun as possible in a fair and consistent environment that promotes the sport.

The Point Series points are calculated as follows:

Points = Participation + Earned + Outright Winner

Participation: Finish a round and turn in a score card, 2 points
Earned: 1 point per player you beat
Outright Winner – no tie for first place, 1st place gets an extra 2 points

ACE earn you 25 points

DNF (Did Not Finish) – score entered for round 999 (has no affect on calculated stats) – no points awarded but player(s) are counted in Earned Points calculation above. No score card turned in, automatic DNF.

To be able to automate individual league point transfer into the MICoPS players must be registered players of DiscGolfScene.com (have a profile), otherwise automation is very difficult and error prone. If players do not have a profile then they will not show up in the point series leader board.

Final Event detail will be announced later in the session but the date is set:
Saturday Oct 16th

Here is a summary of the current leagues by day, location and time:

Michigan Cooperative Point Series – Summer 2010,,,,
Note times will change with the day light shift and locations and dates could change – please check the leagues schedules.


,Cass Summer League 2010,"Cass Benton Hills, Northville",Doubles league,5:15 p.m.,
,Lakeshore League 2010,"Lakeshore, Ypsilanti",Singles league,6:00 p.m.,
,Reed Park Doubles 2010,"Reed Park, North Star",Doubles league,6:00 p.m.,,,,

,Ypsi_Dubs_Summer_League-Tuesdays_2010,"Rolling Hills, Ypsilanti",Doubles league,5:15 p.m.,,,,
,Dubs @ The Pines,"The Pines, St Charles",Doubles league,5:15 p.m.,,,,
,2010 Hukin' Holly Woods Doubles,"Holly Woods, Holly",Doubles league,6:00 p.m.,,,,
,Battles at Buckhorn 2010,"Stony Creek, Utica",Doubles league,6:00 p.m.,,,,
,Mt Pleasant Tuesday Night,"Deerfield Park, Mt. Pleasant",Doubles league,6:00 p.m.,,,,

,Washtenaw County Glow Summer League 2010,"Bandemer Park, Ann Arbor",Doubles league,7:45 p.m.



,24 Chains,Courses varies week to week,Mixed league,5:15 p.m.
,The Farm House League 2010,"The Farm House, Ann Arbor",Doubles league,5:15 p.m.

,Friday Night Discin at Stony,"Stony Creek, Utica",Mixed league,5:45 p.m.

,Saturday Doubles Summer 2010,"Indy Lake, Whitmore Lake",Doubles league,Noon

,Mt P Saturday Doubles,"Deerfield Park, Mt. Pleasant",Doubles league,Noon

,Ypsi Dubs Summer League -Church- 2010,"Rolling Hills, Ypsilanti",Doubles league,10:00 am
,Club Kensington Resurrection Summer Dubs 2010,"Kensington, Milford",Doubles league,11:45 am

,Night Moose Doubles at Willow,"Willow Metropark, Willow",Doubles league,11:45 am