Sunnybrook Indoor Putting   February 9, 2010 at 9:29am

1st Night was a huge success minus the growing pains...

A Big Thank you goes out to Sunnybrook Bowling Alley for providing the facility and Pete Starver for bringing the idea to me.

Brian Shevela and Rooster were instrumental in organizing the brackets and keeping people playing so a H U G E thanks goes out to these two.

Also, a few others to thank were Bernie and Kurt Maty for providing additional baskets. Dustin Hart was the 1st to show up (even before me) and helped place tables, move chairs, unload my ride, and assemble baskets. Finally, a thank you goes out to NiKatie Walker and Joe Indornati who took registration while I ran all over getting things ready. Thank you all!

So, we had 4 Horseshoe Pits set up with the baskets 30 feet apart. 26 players showed up on the maiden voyage making 13 teams. We ran 8 teams while 7 teams sat out then ran 6 teams after the 1st 7 finished and the remaining single team played a ghost team for competition. Confusing, yes, but it ran very smooth.

Games were played to 13 (must win by two) and the margin of victory was recorded per round. In total, everyone played 4 rounds so the final tally looked like this:
Brian Shevela / Jameson Gauthier (+36) - $60
Dustin Hart / Rooster ((+30) - $40
SkaBob Branch / John Minicuci (+22) - $20
Sophia Ashworth / Lance Bayliss (+20) - $10
Brad Frase / Derek Michalak
Kurt Maty / Mike Rabin
Shaun Adkins / Scott “Bernie” Burnham
Ryan Herzog / Mike Lauhoff II
Bill Sicora / Jason Sweeney
Shawn Mascorro / Ryan “ChimChim” Bauer
Ted Stoebling / Krystal Fromm
Lori Mullen / Joe Indornati
Eric Roberts / NiKatie Walker

I think most people had fun. The beer was flowing well and the staff did their best to keep up with us. The radio could have been better but they offered to let us bring in our own CDs to listen to and they will play them for us. ESPN was showing Super Bowl highlights on the big screen but I do not think anyone cared. Maybe next week we cut games off at 11 points and count all scores even if the throw is a push. For example, if Team A made 1 basket and Team B made 1 basket we considered this a push making the games last longer. Maybe next week we count them as each team getting 1 point. I now officially turn the discussion over to everyone on how to make this even better next week.
The plan was to go from 6 pm – 8 pm.
We started around 6:25 pm and ended up around 10:00 pm. Woot!