Ann Arbor Cooperative Point Series   February 9, 2010 at 8:24am

2/7/2010 Summary

Wow - 41 parishioners came to Church for a Sunday blowout - Supper Bowl Sunday round - Hot Damn

Yes Double points to help chase away the chill. Sorry to those who could not make it - it cause some movement in the leader board.

But first welcome Mike Manning, Jake Ward, Corey Kieft, Nathan Mollema to their first service - glad you all made the pilgrimage. Danger Dave (Schrag) and Matt Carter made it out for thier first Ypsi Dubs Winter round - always an honor. I'll post the URL when the Video hit the theaters.

For the Ypsi Dubs Church leader board:
Ben Calhoun moved up and into 10th position. Matt Schooley and Chris Gee slip to 8th and 9th respectively. Joe Arnet jumps from 10th to tied for 6th with Greg Lane who also had a big jump from 9th. From 7th to parked at 5th is Mr. Ken Parks. Terry Calhoun jumps back in the top 10 from 11th to 4th - double points, -13 for 1st place can make some magic - Nice work Terry. JD still rock solid at 3rd. Pat Burke and Daemon Stahlin swap positions as Daemon also takes advantage of those double point & first place - count them- 88 points. Things are get'n fun....

A2CoPS - with only three more weeks till the Champ is crowned. Double points at Indy and now at Church, shaking things up - you don't want to miss a round - who were the movers and the shakers for the week:

Greg Lane moves into 10th, Tim Pills jumps from 14th to 9th - boom. Mike Fortunado and Joe Arnet slide just a bit but hold at 7th and 8th. JD again holding rock steady at 6th. Scott White was edged downward - hope the back country snow boarding was worth the missed points, glad to see yeah at Church..... Anslie takes advantage and pulls up to 4th as Ben Calhoun grabs the 3rd position 43 points out of 2nd, which is held firm by Bob Smart. Extending his lead down the final stretch is Daemon Stahlin at 666 (Satin), oops I mean, 656 and 81 point out front. There is time, especially with a few double point rounds. But can a few Glow rounds make up the difference - sounds like it's time to call in sick Bob and come to Church or fight for Independence on Saturdays.....

A2CoPS final Event March 7th - no matter how the points shake out - it will be a blast! Make sure your on the Leader board to be eligible - you must have played at least one A2CoPS participating league round to be able to play.

Needs some points - bandi Wednesday night - make sure you have your lights - the ones that work 6+ inches down - Oh is this going to be a fun one.

Peace be with you