Ann Arbor Cooperative Point Series   November 25, 2009 at 7:01pm

A Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

Since we are focused on giving thanks and giving the A2CoPS league has updated the point award method to add participation points and are going back retroactively to update previous scores.

All players who complete a round and turn in a score card, except DNFs, receive 2 points.

These points are in addition to the 2 points for each team they beat and if first place is an Out Right Winner (- No tie for first with a playoff), then 1st place gets 2 points for no one beating them. DNF get no points but are counted as Beat by others. All the A2CoPS leagues scores have been updated to reflect these rules. The only new points rule is the participation rule.

If your not sure what to do to burn off all that turkey:

Wednesday: Glow at Bandemer (tonight) at 6:45
Friday: Ace Race at Hudson Mills - 10:30-11:30 registration.
Saturday: Indy Lake Doubles at Noon hosted by Local 101.
Saturday: Throw Your Arm Out 4 Gold!: The Throw Shop, (8-5)
Sunday: Turkey and Chains Open at Rolling Hills hosted by TADGA.

Wow – So much to be thankful for.

Be safe, throw often and have a Happy Thanksgiving.