Wednesday Weeklies - Summer   August 12, 2009 at 3:14am

2 Disc Night on 8/12/09

The updated stats will be posted on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

However, I wanted to write and send a few reminders.

1) Wednesday night will again be 2 disc night. You can only bring 2 discs to play with.

2) I will not be present but instead Jonny V & Kevin & helpers will be able to administer league.

3) If anyone else cares to miss Wed night action you are welcome to come to the Germantown Youth Futures 4th Annual Disc Golf Extravaganza. It is very low key, has a $3 entry and with that you'll receive a custom disc and a coupon for a snack onsite. If there are any proceeds (which is unlikely) they all benefit the non-profit group, The Germantown Youth Futures. Games and prizes will be awarded.

I will see everyone else on the 19th it looks like!

PS - Look for another 'Super Sunday' event to take place on Sunday, August 23rd and then some form of Ace Race in September.