West Thompson Thursday Handicap Singles   July 17, 2009 at 2:11pm


16 players on a nice day making for our biggest league yet!

Paul takes it down with a 51 before cap, which gives him the hot round and a personal best. Good job!

Dewey lost the 7 hole playoff against Paul and takes 2nd.

Jeff E takes down third, Donny with fourth, and Greg beats Cheef in a playoff for fifth.


Cheef takes hole 2 and wins a couple Long Trail beers donated by Timmy.

Greg wins the 2nd shot CTP on hole 17 to win 2 complete passes to F-1 Boston, donated by Cheef and WBIX.

Lots of people showed up to try out for Team West Thompson and we thank everyone for coming.
We had tryouts for 2 spots last night for the lowest two scores before cap.

The two newest members of Team West Thompson are Donny Tellier and Jeff Chauvin!!!! Congratulations to both and welcome to the team!!!

We have 1 more spot that we will have another tryout for in a few more weeks. Stay tuned.