Wickham Tuesday Handicap League   June 25, 2009 at 2:06am

Results w/ Handicap for 6/23

Gray and overcast with a little rain at the end of the round.

37 players (36 for payout,1 for HC) cheers Shocked

Ace pot 0 Greggor bangs hole #15 for $65 thumright

course fund $309

CTP balloon hat made by Nick C won by Abel jocolor
CTT balloon sword made by Nick C won by TRB pirat

We played part of the Alt. course tonight. Semi long 7, alt 8, long 9, 10A, new 10 and new 11. The key didn't arrive early enough to move 7 in extra long position or 18 across the street into the long position. Tonights par for 19 holes was 62.

The winners:

1st Billy Dunne 56-1=55 $60(funny $) Laughing wins playoff
2nd Greggor 55-0=55 $35
3rd Saimond 65-9=56 $30 thumright
4th and 5th SPT 57-0=57 and Loomis 77-20=57 $20 each
6th and 7th Ditterman 60-1=59,Chris W 67-8=59 and TRB 70-11=59 $5 each (TRB-IOU $5)

Big Thanks to TRB for getting everyone signed in tonight,tags and getting the groups out.

Big thanks to: C-cow for the beer and all the help organizing the tags and passing them out at Marco's.

Big Thanks to M-Serp for organizing the $ and payouts.

Big Thanks to Nick C for dinner!

Scores and tags to follow.

Next week Dayna will try and get there early to get things started. Please do not bum rush her with $ and tags. If the process is nice and orderly, she will help out again in the future. If not, somebody will have to step up for when I'm stuck late at work.

Great turnout out tonight, hope to see y'all and other GHO players for next weeks warm-up round on Tues.


ps the 26 tag that was found at T-land never made it to the tag pile. Therefore, Nick C recieved a tag and Steve G who left early did not. Please get the 26 tag to me or Steve G.