Women's League at Hodges Village Dam   June 18, 2009 at 3:32am


Okay, I did some creative thinking on my ride home to solve the time issue we have run into with the big numbers....now remember what I'm saying is CREATIVE... Okay, when we have more than 8 people playing (which 11 is the biggest # we could have with the girls that have shown thus far.. right? Just Nicky wasn't there tonight) we can draw cards for partners and play a blind doubles round. We could go out in groups of 2, two people from different teams to verify scores for each other. Then, we could move MUCH faster around the course and when you and your partner finish you take the best score on each hole for the final card. Just a creative thought that might be fun, let me know wheat you think....or we can play singles straight up so the groups can be smaller. I don't really know how we could figure out handicaps if we had them but please don't give up! Jenilee is SO right, we are the first women's league and if people give up while the kinks are worked out there won't be an ALL-WOMEN's league! So please keep us going, we just ordered shirts, let's wear em (playing OUR league!)