West Thompson Thursday Handicap Singles   June 5, 2009 at 2:06pm


Another great day of weather and a good turnout with 13 players.

Dave Blanchard takes down 1st place after his cap with 46.

#1 Tag holder Joe Yaskis shot a 48 straight up for hot round and took 2nd after his cap with a 47. A personal best for Joe at West T. Shake his hand.

Steve Dakai shows up finally and wins 3rds with a 51 after cap.

Show takes down 4th with a 52 after cap.


Jeff E wins a X-out Pro Wraith from Choice Pools on hole 14.

Joey wins a sweet ctp package on hole 5 donated by Norm. It had a thermos, t-shirt, rules book, magazine, and a few other goodies in it. Thanks Norm!

Someone please win that #1 tag off Joe soon!