Mt P Saturday Doubles   March 7, 2009 at 8:42pm

Cats and Dogs (and Birdies)

I was really thinking that I would drive into town, see Nacho and Jason who I knew were coming because of recent texting, decide that it was raining WAY too hard, then drive home. But nooo, Josh, Jordan and Ben decided to show too so we had 6 and that's way too many players to not golf, so we golfed. It rained HARD for the first 9 holes, then it was just cold and wet for the last 9. Jason and Josh had a great game, canning some really nice putts. Ben and Jordan put in a nice last minute comeback but fell just a couple short. Nacho and I had a good time sharing recipes and talking about scrapbooking, so all in all, a great round of golf. Thanks everyone for being as crazy as me today. I posted a picture of our scorecard in my album of pics here. See you next week!