Douglas Fresh  › Union Strikes at Indy   October 19, 2010 at 2:24am

I was in the group that allowed the player in question to join. We had finished 10, which is the hole we started on, before he came up and joined us. For some reason there were no cards in front or behind us for several holes. I don't understand why we had to head all the way back to 10 as a 3-some with no other groups by us, but then I'm not a TD. It's ****ty to hear about the other guy getting 8 penalty strokes when the dude that joined our group got nothing. Again, I'm not a TD so it was your call, Fortch and I see you have your reasons. The player in question should have payed more attention so as to not create unnecessary burden for other players, and that is nobody's fault but his own. Maybe next tourney he'll double check before he goes bumble****ing through the course.

I don't believe the Am pool was given enough time to get out to Chuck D, though. I trucked it out to 10 (a LONG walk for someone who hasn't played the course before), and made it maybe a minute before 2-minute. The next guy came at the 2-minute, and the 3rd came after the starting horn out of breath and looking exhausted.

Regardless, I had an excellent time and I feel the tourney went pretty smooth and that 101 did a good job of running the show. Can't let one (or more) player's lack of attention to the details ruin a beautiful day of disc golf.