Thomas "T" D.  › ABDG 2k10 Challenge   June 18, 2010 at 4:37am

As always, our fearless leader comes up with an outstanding idea to promote our club and its members.The tourney logo is first class, as is our club. Chadwicks devotion and un-ending promotion of Acer-Binky 2k10 has made us one of, if not "The" finest group of disc-golfers in Oregon. I think that each member should take the time to personally thank him and acknowledge his tireless promotion of the sport,our club and its members. I for one, am grateful to have him as our administrator and use the term "Fearless Leader",with the utmost respect and gratitude. Thank You Chadwick for doing what I know , is the product of hard work,hours of dedication and much of his personal-time to make Acer-Binky 2k10, a club that I am proud to call myself a member. Thomas "T" D.