Terry Shuler  › Tuesdays at Wortman   September 28, 2012 at 9:35pm

Point System.
Weekly points.
1. You gain 1 point for every person you beat.
2. You gain 1 point for an out right win.
3. You gain 1 point for showing up.
For example if 20 poeple showed up an you had an out right win you would get 21 points. If you got last you would get 1 point.
Monthly point system.
"If your out side the top 10 in points you gain all your points that week."
If you are in the top 10 in points then you have these rules to follow.
1. You can only use your best two weeks of the month.
2. You do gain 1 point for each week you played other than your 2 best weeks in the month.
3. You gain1 point for an ace.
4. You gain 5 points for player of the month. Player of the month is the person who gains the most points adding all weeks of the together.
5. In your 5th month you have to score better than your worst month to gain points. For example if your worst month was 40 points then you need 41 points this month to score a point.
6. If you don't score as many points as weeks played in your 5th month then I will award you up to that many points for showing up. For example. If you played 4 weeks than 4 points is the least amount you could gain. If you gained 4 points already then you would not get show up points.
7. In your 6th month you have to score better than your second worst month.
8. Rule 6 applies here as well except it's the 6th month.
October rules.
1. Anyone farther than 20 points behind 5th place gets to reset their points to 20 points behind 5th place to start the month.
2. All poinis are double.
3. Everyone scores first two weeks.
4. Then back to top ten rules excluding 5th and 6th months rules.