Angel Gilbert  › 2012 A3disc Hudson Mills League   May 17, 2012 at 8:02am

Another reminder league rounds are shorts and only 18 holes. if you play 24 cross out the extras and do not add them into your score plz. Groups need to be 3 current league members when you go out not two sums or your score does not count. if you would like to see your score on here and can not you either did not provide a PDGA number and/or the correct email address, or your email address was not readable on the form when you signed up. If you wish to be in ace pool you need to be there by 545pm or pre-pay for it (non-refundable). So far no one has it an ace so it is around 115$. League round can only be made up one week back. with the proper date for the wednesday you are playing for NOT the date you are playing. League rounds for May 2nd had to have been submitted by May 9th. League rounds for may 9th had to have been submitted by May 16th.