michael malooly  › Friends of Lustig Park sngles   September 22, 2011 at 9:10am

i am sorry about what it said online BUT i had many times said that it would keep going till 12 weeks wer up. now to the next point yes for skins you must have paid in to ace pool 50 % of the time you played and you also must have came to 51% of all leauges rounds so you must have come to 6 rounds and must have been in ace pool 3 times. and yes skins is pay to play so this one is a mando 5$ and 2 go to club 2 go to skin and 1 for ace pool for skins if ther is no ace last hole gets ace pool and rest of skin money.
Skins will work like this 1 tie all tie for first 18 holes so if 1 person aces and no one else does they when the hole if two people ace it a tie or if no one aces and some one birdy and no one else does the win if two birdy or a tie of any sport all tie money careys over to next hole. if after 18 hole ther is money left it will go to suden death!!! so only the tieing people can win money on the next hole than it will restart with all in