TOE "Tee Off Even Under Pressure" UP  › ABDG TUESDAY GLOW   August 11, 2011 at 11:32pm

you know if you can't get the tag from jeremy chad you should just remake it if you can and i agree when it comes to shaggy + he will play the small courses. you just have to challenge him in something different like roller challenge or safari he just wont except a regular 9 holes there so if you want to challenge shaggy there you need to switch it up make it hard cause he excepts my challenges there all the time but we never play a normal round :)~ and i get it that you have events 4 days a week witch is awesome buddy cause this club has come a long way from were you started but we should all look in to calling out all of the low tag'rs on there stuff most of my compliant is on the ones that have low tags and we never see them in any of those 4 events if you come out and play at least one of those events or even once a month that's cool of you but for the rest that don't and you know who you are just turn in your tag so the rest of us that are playing could have a chance + i thank C DUB if you get people that haven't put in there time or effort you should ether cut them lose or just remake the tag and cancel there's out and on the remade tag have something on it that would let you know that its the new number i mean really could you imagine what it would be like for jermey if he ran in to someone with a remade tag #2 and his no longer meant anything he he priceless :)~