Thomas "T" D.  › ABDG TUESDAY GLOW   August 11, 2011 at 11:29pm

The Ace Pot payout idea is a good one,CW. However, it is a league sponsored and ran event. If you dont have a tag on the line NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE, the Ace Pot should be the same as first or second time win ONLY what is paid in that night. When did playing your tag become a subjective option? ITS A BAG TAG LEAGUE!! If you dont want to play for your tag,then you are a League Guest at that event. What if our league heavy hitters show up for Milo and I dont want to play my tag 186. Can I opt out of that league round because the course is TOO BIG? The rules have been in place for 2 years now. I have nothing but respect for the Top Tag Holders BUT when does being said tag holder,did it become up to them when and where to play? This is such a beat-up subject. My skill level doesnt give me the chance to be #1 Tag Holder but there are lots of Peeps who do have that skill level and have very limited opportunities to play for the high tags. When the season Finals come around,there will be tons of players wanting to win money and trophies who have not met the requiremets to qualify. When they show up at the Finals,will they be denied a place? I dont give a **** who you are or what your damn tag # is!!! If you are so gifted at disc golf,bring your happy ass to League Wednesday and keep your tag. We have over 200 tags out and only 20-25 FULL TIME PLAYERS!! REALLY?? How about Bag Tags for the EVERY WEEK or 3 TIMES A MONTH or ANY CHANCE I CAN type players? They pay the Ace Pots. THEY MAKE THE LEAGUE WHAT IT IS!!! Screw the "I'm too good for that park" players. Screw the "Head-Hunters" that show up for huge Ace Pots. Having the most members or the most Bag Tag holders doesnt mean **** when only a VERY FEW members ever show up to play for tags. I personally would prefer to be the smallest tag league and have at least the slim, if any chance to be # 1. Make a league that caters to the players not the "Trophy Tag Holders". I'm sure this will not be accepted by some Peeps but it is really a counter-productive approach to Bag Tags to continue the Status Quo. The very first idea to Bag Tags is TO HAVE FUN!! I for one,am having less fun as the League Elite become more and more exempt from the FUN PART. This is not meant as a rant to our club but rather to the abuse of its rules and members. I dont mean to offend or critisize. Just make my opinion heard.