TOE "Tee Off Even Under Pressure" UP  › ABDG TUESDAY GLOW   August 11, 2011 at 9:34pm

another thing to think about should be low tag hording there are many of peps that have had there low tags for a long time and never seem to put them up for challenges like camo and jermy F tag #1 and #2 if they are so great then they shouldn't have no problem defending it. but do they....O NO camo comes to glows and all he is there for most of the time is the ACE POT i get that but most of us there have beat him before because of that and he never puts his #1 tag up i don't know on how well he will except a challenge out side of glow or any other events cause the only one that i have ever seen is wed bag on to Jeremy he has had the tag #2 for a long time but you never see him anymore and if we do he has ether forgot it or just doesn't play it i have seen and herd lots of challenges to him for it but he just hasn't excepted...not trying to dog on them cause i have played with them both and thank they are very awesome people :)~ but just don't understand why they would do that some of us have worked are ass's off to try to get to the top to be great like them they were at the bottom once and not so great we all started some were and some one gave them chances to be great so why can't the show the love and let others try to be great like them + if your that good you should never have a problem keeping it O AND IN CLOSING ITS JUST PLASTIC AND A GAME NOTHING WORTH FIGHTING OVER love my fellow chuck'rs :)~