zach "ziggy" jepsen  › Powgnar ExtravaBAGTAGanza   August 8, 2011 at 10:13pm

I have the following tags to hand out to people, I'll be out and about playing some disc this week so let me know where you will be be and I'll do my best to meet up! I'll try and make it to the leagues this week at Lev!

I thought I was handing #22 back to Mr. Unit, but I ended up with a #47 left over instead. Kinda random but whatever, I currently have #23 so you can challenge me for my lower tag if you want!?! :)

Josh Pierce #9

Chris Cordova #13

Unit Sines #47

Erik Johanson #37

Chadwick Acerbinky #45

Craig Collins #63

Paul Rush #72

If you think that the tags may be wrong let me know!