zach "ziggy" jepsen  › Powgnar ExtravaBAGTAGanza   May 23, 2011 at 11:41pm

Hahaha...and it begins, lol!

For now let's let the past be the past. I understand that people don't always have the best games and that they get frustrated when not playing their best... That said, I also understand that we all have to be fair about our tags. I would recommend challenging a new match with the person, taking their tag fairly if you win, and forgetting about the previous Butthurtness...

We have to remember the reason why we play, to have fun. When you get out on the course it should be a time when you can put your differences beside and have friendly competition. In the event that a player is unable to complete a round in which it is agreed to compete for tags, that player would receive the lowest held tag of the group. (The given tag # is left to the discretion of all the tagged players in the group if there is an injury or unavoidable circumstance where someone would have to leave.)

The idea here is straight forward: if you are going to play a tag match, play till the end and don't worry about getting a bad score and having to trade for a higher #. There is always tomorrow, and there are always more games and challenges to play. Simply getting angry and storming off is not an acceptable excuse for not forfeiting your tag placement(I don't think anyone would disagree). Hopefully this statement is a thorough answer to the question at hand :)

Are you having fun?