Tony "D-9" Spendlove  › Saturday Tag Round   March 16, 2011 at 7:25am

Tag talk again?? ITS A TAG NOT A PRESIDENTIAL HONOR. Ive got#9 doesnt mean Ill be invited to am worlds. Too much worry about TAGS. As far as tourneys, Ill pass. earned top 15 tag at huktoberfest and got #67 cause the handout began while I was busy helping with other stuff and didnt know. Cause THOSE PEOPLE had to leave soon, so had to hurry and pass them out. Toureys not good format to do tags, a lot of different schedules for different people. Also Some people have to leave ASAP, they have lives outside disc golf unlike some of you. Thats why we have tag rounds EVERY DAY and club rounds on Sat. If ya cant make it out, oh well, see ya next week. Sometimes life gets in the way of disc, that sucks, but we get our tags by good play and good timing. Ive had the #1 tag before and will prob never see it again. Ive also had the 87 tag. Thats how it goes, I'm still alive. Ill be content to carry something between # 20 and 50. And guess what, Ill still wake up alive tomorrow, the world will continue to turn, the sun will come up around 7 A.M., Ill go to work, pay my bills, eat, sleep, s***, and play when I can. My tag # wont change any of these things. I play for love of the game not a shiny charm on a key ring.