Scott White  › Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Summer   October 20, 2010 at 12:55pm

The Final went great!

We had 41 out of 42 players show who had pre-registered. We also had 8 more people show up to play the side doubles round. The day was really nice, great weather and Picnic course 18 holes was the morning round. -11 was the winning score shot by two teams and the full results are posted here:

We did the points payouts and what we decided to do (and probably what we will do in the future) was to pay out everyone in attendance. Even the 41st place got at least a dollar and it went up from there.

After that we had the Final 9 and we played for $20 a hole skins. 10 players total and five teams. I will look up the actual teams I can't remember off the top of my head who was in it. Everything pushed until we got to hole #6 which was safari hole 6 Picnic to 17s basket. Tough hole and Mike Raley basically shot the hole par (3) on his own with a drop in 3, no help from his partner to take the $120 in skins money. 6->17, I challenge you to try that hole on your own sometime. :)

Foz and I had such a good time at the Grand Finale and it carried over the Farmhouse later on with live music and free beer. Good times! and I didn't get to sleep until early in the morning.

We do hope that more will join us for the next Grand Finale and we are looking at ways in which to include more people the next time around. We are planning an open to the public meeting where we will welcome all ideas and I will add Foz's message about that at the end of this post.

Thanks again to all of the players who made this a summer to remember. 798 total players in the first ever MICPS. Like I said at the Finale: We are in this for the long run. We really do want to make this bigger and better every year. I'll end this post with our mission statement.

The Disc Golf League Association is an organization
that promotes Disc Golf for all level of players,
growth and improvement of courses, and to bring
leagues and clubs closer together to cooperatively
achieve greater things for the players and the
sport, while promoting a sustainable environment and
strong community.

Looking forward to the Winter MICPS which will be starting on November 7th. We are still compiling the list of participating leagues so please contact Scott White or Foz Miller with your local winter league information. Cheers!

>>>>>> (Message From Foz)
In hopes of getting feedback and ideas as quickly as possible to help us all moving forward with Mi Leagues and Point Series we want to have a meeting to discuss such ideas and feedback. We will have a local meeting for those who want to meet in-person and try to connect those throughout the state at the same time. There is a Poll online to try and select a date next week that the most participants that want to participate can attend. Everyone else can provide feedback before and after online.

If you want to attend visit this link and provide your vote for the date of the meeting:

Share this link with all those who should cast their votes.

I will post ideas and notes here:

If you want to see improvements or certain features stay take a second to provide your input - It's your Point Series.