Scott White  › 101 Summer Saturday Doubles   September 29, 2010 at 6:33pm

I'll explain the score for 9/18/2010

We had five people come out for doubles and it ended up being one of the better rounds I've had all year. We agreed to play best 2 vs. worst 3 which by rating ended up being Frame and Ellis vs. Me, Scott Sprow and Bobby Mac. First hole Mark proposed that we play from 1's long tee through the arch (picnic hole 16) and back through the arch to hole 1s basket. total hole length around 2000 ft.. From there the round was crazy. Hole 2 was played straight up. Hole 3 was played to 13s basket. We also played hole 14 tee to 15s basket. We played a bunch of holes backwards and overall we played about 18 holes but don't remember exactly how many. I have it written down. As one of the course designers playing the course backwards opened up my eyes to other possibilities and maybe some future changes to the course. Oh, and the score ended up being tied after all of that play. And no lost discs. The Scene doesn't allow me to post triples teams or safari layouts so I made everyone cali and entered a score of even on the blacks. Hopefully this doesn't screw up everyone's averages and i'll go back and change it if we can get a "General Safari" layout added for Indy Lake. (hint, hint Pete)