Patrick Fulkerson  › Charlotte Disc Golf Association   October 23, 2012 at 10:21pm

Alright, More details on this league for you guys.
Cost: Free

Prizes: Top person(s) will be awarded discs of choice. I will pay out 10th of the field plus 1. so 1-9 players = 1st only. 10-19 = 2 places, and so forth.

Details: This league is going to be free, with prize provided by yours truly. As I am going to turn you all into my guinea pigs. One division. I am testing out a new handicap system.

Handicap System: For the first 3 weeks, I am going to use your average score, plus 9 strokes (To make up for the 24 hole layout vs the 21) from the summer league. Handicap will be based on even par. Once you have 3 weeks in, Your average will only count the last 3 rounds you have played. This is to allow for peoples average to reflect the most current level of skill as we all drop and rise in skill level on a weekly basis (At least I do =P)

Point system: You will be placed by adjusted score (score +/- Handicap). You will get points based on the place you finished. 1 for 1st, 2 for 2nd and so forth. The goal will be to have the lowest point total at the end of the 9 weeks. We will be dropping the 3 worse scores, and you have to have 6 weeks in to qualify for prize.

In summary whats this mean for you as the player?
Just show up and play, turn your scores in as normal and I will handle the rest.
I will need a volunteer to be willing to collect score cards and drop them off at my house any day that my wife might miss. (Essentially a back up if she is busy)