Markus Mika  › Team Utah Disc Golf   September 24, 2012 at 7:57pm

Thanks to everyone for coming to the City's Parks Symposium. I think it was definitely a success! We were by far the most numerous group for the entire event (counted about 20 DG supporters in total). I've been told by my sources that city officials were really impressed not only with our crowd but also how positive we were about collaborating with them.

The way it looks, Jordan River Park will be off limits until next year and then only for about 11 acres. There are additional 15 acres further northwest from Rose Park that the City is potentially buying and our community could be the one to get that piece of land to be turned into a DG course. There is a positive and two negatives that come with that land. If the city is buying it, things for an initial course could happen relatively quickly (not sure what that means). On the other hand right now this land is covered in alfalfa and would need to be developed with trees and bushes, but the parks department is required to create woodland for wildlife and conservation and would be willing to do that, but it would take time for the park to get a DG character. The other negative, it's only 15 acres and for a championship course, more land is beneficial, but additional acres may become available adjacent to it (who knows).

Nonetheless, I think this would be our best chance to get something in the city of Salt Lake.

NEXT STEP, on Oct. 1, the Board in charge of Open Spaces, Parks, and Recreation will have their inaugural meeting and one of the main issues to be discussed will be the sale of this piece of land. If we again show a strong representation and can sway the board that this sale is good for us and the SLC community, we will have taken the next step. Unfortunately, I won't be in town for that, but hope some of you can commit to represent all of us at the meeting? I will create another event and invite folks for it again. Let us know what you think and if you are available.

Things may have shifted a bit, but I think we are definitely on their radar and the Parks division (Emy) is on our side. I will find out information on the Oct. 1st meeting where the decision is made on that new parcel of land for the city to buy. I think we have a great chance of being the group considered for the land.

‎ more thing. For everybody who came AND wasn't able to make it PLEASE go to and find the link to the Online Feedback. State your case that we want the city to invest into more disc golf opportunities plus the reasons and benefits for such a move.


PS: Someone should start a similar process for Salt Lake County. There are even more potential locations suited for our sport.