Andrew DiRoma  › Alaska Disc Golf Association   September 11, 2012 at 12:05am

OK so i got the OK to re-do the ADGA web site i need info from people now. if you sell disc/gear and got a web site. i need you to email me at [email redacted] with web info(your .com) and a template(link logo).( if you need a template i can make one just add a photo with your logo in a .pfd and i will make you one not going to be the best but it will get you by till you get a better one.) i need this info when you can get it but i would like to get it asap so i can start a layout and show it to lou and go from there. this is going to be a big revamp of the web site.

Andrew DiRoma

if you know someone that has a web site for Alaska disc golf stuff and is not on here give him this email. i can update this as much as i can most likely on Wednesday weekly if any thing new comes up.