Neil Duffey  › Quack Pack   August 2, 2012 at 11:07am

well i over heard talk of custom discs getting made for the group, and nick and i talked at work tuesday about it ... so ive looked into the two major names in dg, and discraft was not exactly easy to understand wtf they are even trying to tell me they will charge, so i just gave up w them. innova was extremely easy to understand and i also got an email back, very promptly... so if im not stepping on any ones toes, id like to share the info i have gotten.

an order must consist of a minimum of 50 discs to do a custom stamping... this 50 can be split into two different discs at 25 discs of each model. i figured we could do this, and my calculations, for member price for the two custom discs, would be about $16.55 each (not including shipping.

they basically offer almost every disc for custom stamping. almost at least... and my pricing is as follows: i figured a driver and a mid range each, would be nice. so for ****s and giggles i priced out a blizzard champion driver and a dx mid range. the cost (not including shipping) for each person, for the two discs, would be roughly $16.55