BRIAN MAY  › Scarboro Hills Disc Golf   December 14, 2011 at 12:26am

public parks = free use by anyone, anytime....only caveat is whether or not they'll need to close the course for their event. if so, that's when they should coordinate with SHDGC. if they don't need to close the course, then I don't think we can tell anyone "No." It's not like there is only one pavillion and must be reserved due to limited space. one thing we need to recognize is that county parks are paid for and cared for with tax payer dollars, it's a public place not private property. I really don't feel comfortable telling someone they need to coordinate with us before hosting an event at Scarboro. if there is a scheduling conflict, that's different, i'd argue that our event would trump anyone else's. this represents my opinion, not county policy.