Dale Rogan  › Alaska Disc Golf Association   June 17, 2011 at 11:14pm

You have some issues Brandon, we went rounds last time as it seems history is going to repeat itself. You’re stating nonfactual information about the ties that John has with the ADGA. I’m glad to see the disc golf community got rid of his lackeys from the board. If you’re talking about that aspect of removing John from the ADGA, then I “guess” that qualifies. It seems every time you speak you insert your foot into your mouth.

John is evading his accountability AGAIN I see. Not addressing real concerns that are posted and you as the community that read this enable him by not standing up. A lot of you are getting played by John’s politics and I can’t understand why that it is still happening after everything that has been brought to light. Don’t say you don’t care or you are indifferent as you’ll be part of the problem and NOT the solution. That attitude will just breed more of the same…the same things are going on now and after the USDGC battle, and the stuff before that.

We’ve all heard John trying to be noble about his disc golf cause. Now he is just saying sorry to avert attention; I don’t believe he means it, if he did, then he’d apologize to Brian in public. I can’t believe you don’t have the f’ing balls to do that John, you were wrong in every sense of the matter to chastise him. I KNOW I’m not the only one that feels this way either. You’re always telling people to man up…you can’t do it yourself. You try to hide behind the things you’ve done, congrats on that John. This has all been stated before, so consider your ego stroked by your cohorts…again.

What you need to do is fix the alienation that you’ve created and talk to people and make things right. If you think they’re right, you’re dead wrong. If that was the case, myself, and folks like Peter, Luke, Jeremy, etc. would’ve never had said ANYTHING at this juncture. I don’t know Peter and have never met him, but Him and I are just saying what a lot of people are thinking. For those that aren’t saying anything….it is only because they don’t know what is going on behind the scenes. After talking to Peter via private messages, he was told issues about Thad and John’s relationship. That is awesome you played him like that John, your moral compass is fuct dude. I’m sure you’ve been playing others as well.

It comes down to this, most of us would NOT hang out with a shady person that is two faced. Yet John is that and you mask it up and let it pass because he is the one that did so much for disc golf in AK. Why are you giving him ALL the credit? All of you that helped make those courses and changes are just as much a part of it as he is….so why are you making him the figure head and putting him on a pedestal that gets all the credit. Are you kissing ass for some reason? For what? What are you gaining by doing that? All of you that helped should pat yourself on the back, it is a team that made it happen, not just one person. John is so egotistical that he can’t even see it that way. You need to do some soul searching John and make things right with people and you need to do it on a personal level. Don’t put up blanket statements on an impersonal medium such as this, talk to them for real.

I love how you go on to say that thousands have benefited from the work “you” guys did in building courses, but it hurt a few and it was worth it. Wasn’t it your noble cause to make the USDGC fair for EVERYONE? So that NO ONE was left out and they had a fair chance. How is this different all the sudden? You think just because you don’t know me or others that we’re nobodies and don’t have a say in the matter? We called you on your ****, you’re not used to people standing up to you I guess. Either that or your so convicted in your egomaniacal beliefs that you’re right and there is no compromise. There is NO democratic process with you, it is what you say goes. We ALL know you campaign against people like myself and Edan trying to boycott. That was a fuct number you did on the last tourney Edan put on, WTF is the matter with you…seriously? You’re the one being childish to stick it to Edan. Don’t try to say you had a commitment with the guy to do it on that weekend either. If he was a true business man and with your politicizing, you could arranged that for a different time are you know that.

A lot of us will NEVER respect you because of your agenda and you won’t truly make an attempt to apologize to the people that you hurt. That speaks volumes of your character and it is a character type that most are not attracted to at all. All of the good in the world means nothing if you you’re not truly respected. So quit trying to take all the credit and man up and take your medicine.

For the rest of you, have fun in Fairbanks and don’t let the politics ruin you…peace!