Jay Williams  › Boulder Woods Country Club   March 23, 2011 at 6:03pm

Looking for Disc Golfing fun this weekend? Transport your bag of tricks to Lewisberry's Gifford Pinchot 's Quaker's Challenge course Sunday morning before 9:00 am. Doubles partners will be random draw from A and B pools determined by player attendance. Second random draw for second round. Winners determined by individual player's total score.

More Information:

If Twiddle-dee and Facelook are any indication, anticipation is running high for this Sunday's Pro-Am event at QC!
Please plan to arrive by 9am so we can get our teams set and have our player's meeting. We are going to try to tee off by 9:30, but you know how that goes........
There will be a charcoal grill (or two) for your cooking pleasure. If you have food to share - wonderful! If you don't, there will probably be some extra but please be prepared to fend for yourself. There will be time at lunch to go to the store if anyone needs to.
There is electricity available for anyone who needs to plug-in (Foreman grill, crockpot, etc.)
The first round will be 18 holes (best lie from the teepad, then alternating shot).
The length and format of the second round will be determined by the group before the start of the first round. It will be at least 9 holes and may be a full 18 if the weather and the group are amenable. If we have an odd number, one player will be selected at random to play 'Cali' (one extra shot per hole, not married to it). The player selected has the option of declining.
The number of CTPs will be determined by attendance.

A mere $10 gets you full access to all of the FUN and you don't have to pay a service charge or pre-register - just get yourself out of bed and get to the course!

****Pruners will be allowed (to take out any multi-flora rose bushes (THORNS) that interfere with your stance or disc retrieval), so bring a pair and leave your band-aids at home!!!!****