Dale Rogan  › Alaska Disc Golf Association   December 17, 2010 at 10:04pm

Would've posted sooner, but I've been on the slope.

Here we go; nice job with the positive reinforcement after you got confirmation on the USDGC. Now you say we've done a lot after questioning what the prez has done. You say no one should discredit what past and present leaders have done, but you and your lackeys did to the current prez. You’re full of hypocrisy, condescension, and fake nobility. I’m sure everyone can't wait to hear you justify this one...
Also, John, what has this "fictional face" lied about? These "lies" are only "lies" because you don't have recourse to defend yourself by tearing them down somehow and creating another smokescreen. You know this and can’t bull session your way out of it because what has been said IS true. Just because you don’t remember me, doesn’t mean I’m fictional. You’ve slighted me in the past like you and Chuck have others past and present. If they don’t’ stand up and say something, then I will. In your mind we must be lesser because we didn’t succumb to Senator John’s way of the world. People that don’t agree with you seem to disappear in your mind or you keep trying to muckrake to change their mind. You keep saying that you want to understand, but you don’t or won’t, even when it is explained. You just don’t want to understand because it doesn’t fit your agenda and your way is the ONLY way when it comes to fighting for something if it benefits you. Then you use your standard maneuvering of creating a smoke screen to hide it all. Maybe a lot of the folks you hang out with are blind to it, ignorant, or otherwise and don’t see it. You probably have lackeys that are young in the world of the ADGA and the entity of Politician John (and his sidekick Ego) and they just blindly follow you, instead of thinking for themselves. It is almost like you shape the truth you want them to hear and preclude certain facts that would naturally allow them to think for themselves detachedly. Omission of the truth is coercion and fibbing… What do you truly stand for? Is it REALLY for the greater good of golf or for John in covert ways? We all might as well be honest if we want the problems to go away. We can’t sweep crap under the rug and pretend it isn’t there. The ADGA or some of peeps have some deep seeded issues with themselves and in the club. It is affecting everyone negatively and you’re promoting golf in your groups’ best interest thinking that is for everyone. I think a lot of us will agree that every board position should be replaced with someone new. We don’t need a lot of what the older members have to say as their opinions are biased anyway. We need truly objective, logical, and reasonable people to run this club, not an egomaniacal and transparent elbow rubbing society.
You used badgering the prez and challenging his honor and fortitude as a front to get the answer we all knew was coming for the state coordinator after he got the info. There was nothing to say to the topic anymore and you kept on supplicating.
“EVERYONE” will show up and help in disc golf when all the bad goes away, until that happens you’re going to get more of the same.

Your response is sickening as a lot of us by now see through you like a window. How do you sleep at night….your minions and lackeys must feed you and fan you before you go to sleep in the Kingdom of John.

I would to see the club and the sport grow, but I will NOT be a part of anything the club does until this good ‘ole boy club changes and doesn’t have power anymore.