Jeff Bauman  › Disc Golf League Association   October 29, 2010 at 5:17pm

I wish I could make it but I have to work. Thanks for doing this you guys!

My 2 cents...

- We need a point system that make all leagues equal, like the % based system ( you get points for the % of the field you beat, not how many people you beat)

- if we use the point per person we need divisions based on the size of the league.

- I love the idea of $25 per league for a final event. plus like $20 per player. singles champ, doubles champs, league champ. Also I think if you make the finals, all the points are wiped out and everyone starts at zero. Not to say we cant have a season point champ.

- keep it simple!

I wish I had mor time. Good luck guys!!!!!!