Foz Miller  › Disc Golf League Association   October 29, 2010 at 11:48pm

For today's meeting there are some key guidelines and info to keep in mind:

For the Summer PS feedback:
We are looking for open and honest constructive feedback. All views and ideas are welcome if they are presented for that purpose. You never know where the next great ideas will stem from. Many call this "Green Light Thinking" and we all should (especially me) simply take the feedback and log it to think about over time. No qualifying or validating this feedback now - capture the feedback and move on.

For the planning for Winter and Summer - These CPS are the next opportunities to incrementally trying new ideas, testing and hopefully improving this idea of connecting all the players in a wider area to have more fun and grow the sport.

To be successful we need to work with the other organizations in our area and so we need to nail down dates so we can work with great groups like MDGO which has long been trying to optimize the Michigan statewide disc golf experience - and reducing event conflicts is one big effort that for 2011 the planning starts next month.

Hopefully we can review some of the areas of confusion or conflict and make some incremental improvements for Winter 10/11 to test them out so we can again define if any tweaks are needed for Summer 2011.

To help with that here are some key things to be aware of concerning the core ideals of this group and the Cooperative Point Series:

How did the Cooperative Point Series come about or why? What are we trying to achieve?

1) Promote Disc Golf for all level of players

2) Bring leagues and clubs closer together to cooperatively achieve greater things for the players and the sport

3) Growth and improvement of courses

4) Promoting a sustainable environment

5) Promoting strong community

The initial group that got together decided that the best "method" or disc golf activity to focus on, that already embodied most of these concepts, were DG leagues. Now all of us were League Coordinators. We were all therefore all predisposed to focus on how to maximize leagues. - So it is hard to tell which came first but the result is many more motivated players talking about about how to cooperate, continue to improve and grow the sport and the CPS is just one little aspect of that mission. I need to keep reminding myself of what the original vision was for the CPS to ensure we continue to keep heading toward maximum achievement of all these goals.

For the Cooperative Point Series the biggest area of conflict or diversion is when we try to create a better tournament or focus solely on tournament like aspects. This is why I say:

keep a "LEAGUE" mindset versus a "Tournament" mindset

Now another very important and near and dear to my heart and why I think this has been so successful is that what we have implemented has many positive factors and is achieved easily, with almost no incremental effort or cost to the players and to the league/clubs. Realize the players have to want to be involved and the league coordinators have to make it happen. There are two main factors to how this works; 1) Cooperative = some rules and guidelines are followed by the leagues because they want to, with little enforcement or effort. Players help other players and the leagues make this happen week after week and make this grow as a grass roots activity. 2) The Automation Magic: Disc Golf Scene (DGS) has automated almost all the effort of processing data, generating the view of lots of data, connecting schedules and resources, spreading the word of when and where events occur, exchange of info between players.... The basic CPS works with no extra effort on the legaue coordinator - they enter scores as they have been and DGS makes the rest happen. - Thanks! Pete

Realize that we have to evaluate new ideas based on how we could implement them to ensure they are followed consistently by all, no one has to monitor or spend time chasing down or resolving mistakes or human errors and any changes to the automation (DGS) is completely dependent on DGS, not only if the changes are feasible but the time and effort to make changes or improvements. I could rant a long time about the cost of software and graphic updates and also on how many hours there are in a day but I think we understand the basics of this.

OK - so lets see what we can get done in the first virtual and in-person Cooperative Point Series player's meeting. I'll re-post the agenda in order of importance and we will get to what we can and anyone can post ideas and suggestions any time but we will be making decisions for the Winter CPS and the basic details for Summer 2011 CPS in the next weeks so we can cooperatively participate in the state wide planning next month and post info to all of us who are interested in the Winter PS which starts very soon.

Thanks for everyone's input and efforts - OH and COOPERATION...