Vinny Piperato  › UCF Disc Knights   September 11, 2010 at 3:40am

Vinny Piperato
Club Director
Tampa Disc Slingers

It's awesome to see another group here in the central Florida area that is active and growing. Our club is trying to keep that same momentum as well. Soon we will be around 20 members and will have the ability to begin a season. My wish for your group is that you have the ability to do something similar if that's the avenue you decide to pursue.

When you are in the traveling mood, let us know. Our group is always eager to meet other disc golfers as well as try new courses. I also would like pose a suggestion of an "invitational" sometime next year where our club would play your club. We could always work out the details at a later date if you are at all interested. Good Luck to the success of the UCF Disc Knights.