Gawain Stern  › DISC GOLF OR DIE   September 1, 2010 at 2:34am

Here are the links to the final week 13 results:

Dan Brown, Jr., after 3 straight weeks in 2nd place, shoots his PR, first round in the 30s: a 39, (37.79, 8th, $11) and takes SEASON FIRST PLACE in the final week!

Other notable moves in the top ten:

Chris Graham jumps from 7th to 3rd with a 34 (39.29, 16th, $6).
Mat Owens jumps from 10th to 5th with a 40 (41.59, 34th, $0).
Luis Nava jumps from 11th to 7th with a 35 (40.95, 27th, $4).
Eric Olson jumps from 12th to 9th with a 36 (39.55, 18th, $6).

37,278 shots were thrown! Wow, I'm tired.

(PS: I would love to see as many photos as possible of those trophies... I forgot to take any.)