Dominic Sallee  › DisCO   July 21, 2010 at 4:55pm

Hello Nick! Thanks for the interest first off, I know there are alot of people out there that love to play but it's hard to get them in one spot with out communication so hopefully people will find the page and at least be able to connect and create a better community in the springs for disc golfers! Anyway, my goals, (besides the big one above ;) ) is to get a foundation for next year by april or may to start a doubles league at the very least. I play in a great one out here in NY and we have anywhere from 20-30 people show up every tuesday. So maybe a league on a day at cottonwood and then a day at widefield or whatever generates interest!! We have a A-B-C pool and its random so it works out perfect. I'm working on getting in contact with the Park and Rec of Colorado springs to see who runs the course maintenence and see what kind of connections I can develop there as well because I want to see at least 2 pdga tourneys a year in the springs. Pro, Am, money for the pro divisions, player packs for the Am's. or maybe just a Am tourney! It's all up in the air, but i'm starting to make headway. Send me your email if you like and i'll add you as an administator to this page. If you have any ideas or really want to help out thats great! either way, thanks for showing interest! Dom