Scott White  › Local 101 Disc Golf Players Union   June 22, 2009 at 6:03pm

Chuck D Course Update:
I met with Brian and Bill at Indy Lake and here is the story: We have most of the holes approved and the park has been working hard at clearing out a lot of the autumn olive trees. We will not use any of these envasive plants as part of the course design.

We had some bad luck with the weather though, and it will push out the course installation towards the end of summer. Holes 15-18 will not be able to go in until contractors come in to remove a bunch of concrete piles. The contractors cannot come in until the area dries up. It was just getting dry and we got 4" of rain on Friday, se we are wet again.

We also have to tweak a few of the holes once we find out where the new road will go in. The park will eventually re-route the main park entrance and it will run on the east side of the Chuck D course. So this will essentially be the outer limit we have to design to, and we don't know for sure where the road will go. We also have some plans for walkways, a few raised teepads and more trees need to be cleared. So that all adds up to push out the basket installation. We originally hoped this would be as easy as the picnic course but it is not. However I do believe in the end all of this extra effort will be worth it.

I will post up future work days, of which we will need a few. I think best case is the park comes back with a road location, the wet area dries up so the contractors can clear and we sink the baskets by late July. The weather is the biggest factor in all of this though. Stay tuned.