karrie d  › Michael Stonestreet   June 11, 2012 at 8:42am

Nick, if you found it on #5 at Tri C probably buried in the thick stuff on the right before you turn the corner and I believe it was purple he will be happy to have it. Thanks for posting cause I play there almost every weekend and told him i would do my best to find it when we weren't pressed for time or in tournament. My boyfriend lost one back there a while back and we spend a good half and hour at least trying to get through the thick of the area to find it. so it will save me the search now. good looking out and Mikey you amaze me and shot like a champ I can't believe the arm on you kid you were in the race the entire weekend and it could have just as easily been you with the win especially with your arm you missed some putts that should have gone in and your score doesn't reflect the intense and enjoyable competition i got to witness between you three. thanks for putting up with me and teaching me and sharing some more of your knowledge and official rules (by the way i found out going barefoot is against the rules due to safety issues i guess even my sandles because they are open toed are not supposed to be worn) sorry about that enjoyed watching you play and seeing just how much better you have gotten in just the last year since i played with you) you rock im tired you probably have school and im done rambling. disc on and peace to both you and your father. see you somewhere down the line