Tara St. Aubin  › The Birdie Launch 2024 - MWS #1   February 26 at 2:29pm

FA50, only playing 1 round? Did I read this right?

Gina Fillo   February 26 at 2:51pm

I can change it based on the players in that division preference. This is mainly for the FP70 ladies as Stony can be a tough 2 rounds and I wasn't sure who would sign up in other divisions. What would be your preference?

Tara St. Aubin   February 26 at 3:39pm

I would want to play 2 rounds

Gina Fillo   February 29 at 3:05pm

I can change that!

Gina Fillo   March 7 at 2:33pm

Hi Tara! This is now updated