Brett Cave  › The Gauntlet 108   January 24 at 9:55pm

"Franken" - is that the not-marksman baskets at Sharlottes ? the yellow baskets i think (black are marksman).

Also, "9 Glow" - is that a 9 hole layout in and around "Front"? "day play" - does that mean not in the dark / an actual glow round?

Gayle Key   January 24 at 11:56pm

Franken is part of Sharlottes course and will be played as an 18 there is 2 positions, 45 players per round, the 9 Glow will b e set up and we can only play it in the day, but if you want you can play glow that weekend. We will also have an 18 hole mini course set up for an extra bonus