RYAN WEINKE  › 6th Annual Shoot the Moon Classic /// All AM Divisions /// Saturday /// Supported by Innova   September 19 at 10:34pm

What layout will be played? MA40?

bren d   September 20 at 4:25am

The layouts are listed on the About tab here. TOURNAMENT LAYOUT: MA1, MA40, MA2: + Round 1: Blue Tees to A Pins (White Pine) + Round 2: Blue Tees to B Pins (Oak) ALL OTHER AM DIVISIONS + Round 1: Red Tees to A Pins (Cedar) + Round 2: Red Tees to B Pins (Sumac) + All layouts are currently playable and available on Udisc

bren d   September 20 at 4:27am

That formatting is not great, sorry. MA40 will play Round 1, Blue tees to A pins (White Pine on Udisc) and Round 2, Blue tees to B pins (Oak layout on Udisc). Take a look at the main page of this regisration for a more readable description of the layouts for all divisions.