Wayne Russell  › Pete Crist   December 11, 2011 at 11:30pm

Would it be possible to allow the input and accounting of negative numbers in the League Points scoring cells of the DGS?
The PDGA used a performance based scoring system this year that we want to implement in our league. While the verdict is out on how effective it is for a tournament, I think it will work very well as a simple handicapping process for a league.
It entails using a player’s expected performance for a course as a target score for that player. Whenever the player shoots the course, he is awarded either positive or negative strokes based on his round score as compared to his performance target score.
In order to use the DGS to keep up with this type of format we would need to be able to account for negative numbers in the League Scoring compilation. So far, I have not figured out a way to insert a negative number in those cells. We would also need to be able to pick the lowest xx scores for league scoring as best scores below the target (negative numbers) would be how we determine our leader.
Would you consider this as an enhancement to the site? I do not believe it would interfere with any of the existing capabilities.
Thank you Pete, for any consideration you can give to the idea.