Punderson Sanctioned Singles - Spring Session   May 30, 2023 at 3:06pm

Week 8 of Punderson Sanctioned Singles

An absolutely perfect evening in the forecast for today's league round at Punderson. We will tackle the Tiger Long layout (B1, R2, W3, continued to Longs) for our final practice round in the lead up to The Battle for Pine Lake. The Ace Pot has grown to $134. As always, check in between 5-5:45pm. See you all soon!

Payment: $10 to enter, $1 optional Ace ($11 all in) sent to [email redacted].

Tiger Long OB (these are also loaded into PDGA live):
Hole 1: Surrounded by water
Hole 2: Rope along Pine Lake
Hole 3: Rope along Pine Lake
Hole 4: Rope along left side of the hole, rope along both sides of the creek and rope along the right side of the green. Play from last in bounds.
Hole 5: Rope along right side of the hole
Hole 6: Rope along Pine Lake
Hole 7: No OB
Hole 8: Surrounded by water
Hole 9: Rope along right side and around chasm area near the Long Pin
Hole 10: No OB
Hole 11: Rope along left side and around creek that passes behind the pin
Hole 12: No OB
Hole 13: No OB
Hole 14: No OB
Hole 15: Rope along Pine Lake
Hole 16: No OB
Hole 17: No OB
Hole 18: No OB