Matt Mazur  › Punderson Sanctioned Singles - Spring Session   Sticky May 4, 2023 at 4:32pm


Weeks 1-3: 5:00-5:30pm Flex Start
Weeks 4-10: 5:00-5:45pm Flex Start

Week 1, 4/11: Red to Short
Week 2, 4/18: Red to Long, No Island
Week 3, 4/25: Red to Long, W/ Island
Week 4, 5/2: Red to Short
Week 5, 5/9: White to Short
Week 6, 5/16: Blue to Short
Week 7, 5/23: Great White Short (Great White Short in UDisc)
Week 8, 5/30: Tiger Long (Tiger Long in UDisc)
Week 9, 6/6: Red 27 Hole Layout (27 Red/ Blue to A in UDisc)
Week 10, 6/13: Best of Punderson (Best of Punderson in UDisc)

$10 to play, Optional $1 for Ace Pot
$7 will go to Payouts, $3 will cover fees and support Friends of Punderson

Paying and Payouts:
Handled via Paypal: [email redacted]

Will be done via PDGA Live Scoring. Must have a second scorer through PDGA Live Scoring, UDisc or paper card backup.

Will be posted to DGS in the comments section the week of as well as in PDGA Live Scoring for each hole.