Punderson Sanctioned Singles - Spring Session   April 18, 2023 at 1:43am

Week 2 of Punderson Sanctioned Singles

Week 2 looks to be a little bit more chilly and probably a bit more muddy than last week! We'll still be there and we hope to see you there as well. We'll be playing red to longs without the island hole (playing short on hole 2). Still flexing the start between 5-5:30pm with cards of 3-5 players.

After last week we have settled on MPO, MA1, MA2, MA3, MA40 and FA1 for divisions. I'm happy to open up another if there are three people willing to participate.

Payment: $10 to enter, $1 optional Ace ($11 all in) sent to [email redacted].

Red to Long, no island OB (these are also loaded into PDGA live):
Hole 1: Surrounded by water (Pine Lake)
Hole 2: Rope along Pine Lake.
Hole 3: Rope along Pine Lake.
Hole 4: Rope along left side (separating 4/9 fairways) and along creek on the right and around "island" green, including the roped area separating hole 4/5 fairways. All areas in the creek are OB, as they are between the OB ropes for holes 4 and 9. PLEASE NOTE THERE IS NO LONGER A DROP ZONE FOR THIS HOLE!!!!! Play your next shot from the last point the disc was inbounds with a penalty stroke for all shots played on this hole.
Hole 5: Rope along right side (separating 5/4 fairways). This generally only comes into play from the Blue or White Tees
Hole 6: Rope along Pine Lake
Hole 7: No OB
Hole 8: Surrounded by Water (Pine Lake)
Hole 9: Rope along right side (separating 9/4 fairways) and around chasm area near the Long Pin
Hole 10: No OB
Hole 11: Rope along left side and around creek that passes behind the pin
Hole 12: No OB
Hole 13: No OB
Hole 14: No OB
Hole 15: Rope along Pine Lake (rough areas along Pine Lake)
Hole 16: No OB
Hole 17: No OB
Hole 18: No OB