Kyle Harrigan  › CODGHOF Winter Series 2023: Final Stop #5 Ultra DGP   Sticky January 28 at 10:24pm

This is the final stop of the 2022/23 Winter Series. We will make Cards for the top 5 Players in each divisions standings IF ABLE. Most players that are mathematically in the running for the Winter Series title are signed up and good to go. IF There is a SERIES POINT tie, we will have a special playoff immediately following any Stop #5 playoffs that are needed. Trophies for the Series are arriving this week and series payout projections are going to be posted later this week for review. Pros are getting Paypal Payouts, Amateurs are getting Payout to Disc Revolutions online store (or you can redeem onsite through the year at events they are present). Thanks for a great winter season and I look forward to our Final Stop!