Centre County Disc Golf Association   January 18 at 7:01pm

2023 Membership

Disc Golfers!

Thank you so much for the support in 2022 It was an amazingly productive year! We were blown away by the massive amount of support from the community. We exceeded all expectations for membership and fundraising!

2023 has already kicked off with a bang with the new addition of winter indoor putting leagues at Axemann Brewery.

We are really excited for all the events we have planned this year, some classics and some new! Keep an eye out for more info!

In an effort to simplify 2023 membership signup, we created a DGS event:


We added the option for league passes and a choice of 4 different DD molds for the CCDGA 2023 league pass discs!

Hope to see you all out there again this year!

Thanks for all the support!

Happy Hucking,

Your 2023 Officers

Derek Aggleton - President

Cody Hartzell - Vice President

Ben Tolton - Treasurer

Kevin Doncsecz - Secretary

Josh Boyd - Communications Director

Andrew Glitzer - Course Director

Grady Iliff - Logistics Director